BREDA – Tijs Verwest, better known as DJ TIËSTO, donates 100,000 euros to eight charities in his hometown of Breda. The dj reports that to local newspaper BN DeStem.

It is the amount that Tiësto would receive for his performance on 22 December at Breepark in Breda.


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The DJ has chosen the Yellow Army football projects, his former football club S.A.B., DJ School Breda, the Care Institution Thebe Lucia, SMO and Visio. Verwest also donates money to community center De Nieuwe Meidoorn and play and sports area Boykes Speelhoeve. The latter are in the Tuinzigt district, where his parental home was. The donations range from ten to fifteen thousand euros per goal.


Photo: Twitter Tiësto
Photo: Twitter Tiësto


Verwest says in the newspaper that he would like to give something back to the city where he grew up. “I am happy and grateful for what I have been able to achieve as a Bredase boy,” he says


Tiësto about the 8 charities

Jelle’s Army (Foundation for Less fortunate children)
“Sport is something I have loved all my life. With NAC, of ​​course, as my club. But in the past we did not always have money to buy a track suit or football shoes. In BN DeStem I read about this association, which makes it possible for underprivileged children to exercise. In this way I hope to promote that a little more. ”


De Nieuwe Meidoorn
“The community center in my neighborhood in Tuinzigt. This was two minutes walk from my parental home in the Laurierstraat. The building is in need of improvement, so it’s nice to make it possible in this way. ”


Boykes Speelhoeve (Play and Sports Area)
“Also in Tuinzigt, a neighborhood that may have been less respected from time immemorial. But I am proud that I come from there. For me it has become a kind of fairytale, to come this far. It does not matter where you come from, if you are committed and working for your goal, anything is possible. ”


Thebe Lucia (Health Care Institution)
“I gave this nursing home a sound installation some years ago and then danced with the elderly. We sometimes want to forget our elderly in life. I think it’s important to do something about it. Now the home can purchase a completely new garden furniture. ”


S.A.B. Breda (Soccer Club)
“I played football all my youth there. I was not very good, but I thought it was a great time. I still follow SAB on Twitter, and know that their youth team, which I’ve already helped with training suits a few times, has become champion again. When I heard that they needed money to renovate the cafeteria, I decided to help them with this too. ”


DJ School Breda
“It could not be missed, of course. It is great that we have this, and I support it wholeheartedly. Finally all good DJs come from Breda! ”


SMO (for homeless people) and Koninklijke Visio (for the blind / visually impaired)

“I am aware that it can also walk to and unhappy in life. People can become homeless in the weirdest ways. Whether blind or visually impaired. I also found it important to help a foundation such as SMO and Visio. ”


© Joyce van Belkom / Het Fotoburo
© Joyce van Belkom / Het Fotoburo


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Source: BN De Stem  (05-12-2017)


Translation: TiëstoLive.fr


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