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Carnaval 2016, The Sequal…!!!!

Due to stormy weather the carnaval parade, scheduled for February 8th, was postponed to March 6. However, festivities already ‘broke lose’ today 🎉

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’Lose Control rocks U16 Carnaval in Breda’

Breda, 12-02-2016 | By Nienke & Hannah (junior reporters for Breda Dance Music)

Last Tuesday we went to the Carnaval edition of Lose Control, which is a dance party
for teens variating from 12 until 15 years old, held in the Mezz, a concert
hall, in the city centre of Breda. We went there with a big group of friends
and we had a lot of fun. There was, of course, typical folklore Carnaval music
but also the latest in Dance and Pop Music. All played and mixed perfectly by
really good deejays , such as Tommy Walker, Mike Mendes & Levy Lumine, DJ
Michael, Davi Music and Mc Farola as host.


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Never forget where you came from

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