’Lose Control rocks U16 Carnaval in Breda’

Breda, 12-02-2016 | By Nienke & Hannah (junior reporters for Breda Dance Music)

Last Tuesday we went to the Carnaval edition of Lose Control, which is a dance party
for teens variating from 12 until 15 years old, held in the Mezz, a concert
hall, in the city centre of Breda. We went there with a big group of friends
and we had a lot of fun. There was, of course, typical folklore Carnaval music
but also the latest in Dance and Pop Music. All played and mixed perfectly by
really good deejays , such as Tommy Walker, Mike Mendes & Levy Lumine, DJ
Michael, Davi Music and Mc Farola as host.


Tommy Walker is the 20 year old multi talent, entrepreneur
and upcoming international dj/producer Rogier van Poppel, who was born in Breda
and founder/owner of the Lose Control concept. Lose Control Carnaval was
unofficially the 25th edition in the 5 year existence of this
popular and successful ‘under 16’ dance music concept.


Breda is a
city in the south of The Netherlands and like the rest of the region primarily of
Catholic faith. One of the holy traditions of this Christian faith is the 40
day fasting period before Easter. To survive this long period of just water and
bread it was common to eat and drink extra for a few days. Later it became a
standard period of 4 days named Carnaval with loads of food, drinks
and musical celebrations. Nowadays only a few strongly believing Catholics stay away from
loads of foods for 40 days after carnaval.

In Breda,
Carnaval is celebrated really exuberantly and the whole vibe here is amazing.
Everyone is having a good time with their friends and families. All traditionally
dressed up in colourful and weird costumes. There is so much to do at Carnaval
Breda, that it’s hard to choose between all the activities, for example the
parades and the big fests.


It was an amazing Carnaval with Lose Control as grand finale!