WANTED! Mixtapes for our vintage Sony Sports Walkman WM-F45 (without Runkeeper) 😂

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So you know! / Je weet toch! 😄🎶

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The Art of Creation

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The Craft. The Skills. The Art. (at Breda, Holland)

Preferably we don’t use the abbreviation ‘EDM’. Instead we call ‘them’ by their names.

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Do you know who this guy is?

Hint: Born in #Breda

(Bros don’t spoil! ☝😄)

HOUSE OF DJs in Breda

– A New promising concept in the making

The One Place in The World where FANS get to see, meet, greet, experience DJ’s, Producers, Artists, Musicians and Talents at Work Making and Playing Dance Music.

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(at Breda, Holland)